Sunday, February 05, 2006

DAY FOUR Iraq Super Bowl Diary

Day #4

Two flag-draped coffins are slowly saluted and transferred to a 747 cargo plane for a final flight home sober us as we wait for the humongous C-130. It takes literally 5 seconds in these metal beasts and we are soaring into the air. Red nets (to hold onto – there isn’t much!) line the empty inner fuselage, as we clumsily don our heavy flack-jackets and helmets.

It’s raining - a lot – as we land in Talil – our first stop in Iraq. 6000 soldiers (as well as a contingent from Rumania) supplying the combat troops, through a sea of mud, sand, even the occasional stuck-in-the-mud Humvee. But NFL former All Pros Christian Okoye, Bryan Cox, Keith Byers, and myself along with cheerleader Model/actress Bonnie Joe Laflin gladly sit and greet the many soldiers, men and women, some from Georgia, from North Carolina, from Montana, 40 alone from the Navajo reservation (some actual descendents of the famous Code talkers) in the middle of the superior workout facility that helps sustain morale in this bleak, swampy SE corner of Iraq. So far its 3 to 1 Steelers fans.


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